Employees’ money worries are causing them stress

Your Employees' money problems are damaging your organisation

You’re probably not even aware of it, they don’t come to you. But your employees’ money worries are causing them stress, which is affecting their attendance and productivity at work.

Salad Money is here to help you solve the problem

This situation is completely unfair and you can do something about it

It’s your responsibility to act. The authorities—Money Advice Service, StepChange, Treasury Select Committee—all agree you should. Salad Money is here to help you solve the problem.

Salad money

Salad Money is the antidote to toxic loans

We help people access financial education so they can make good decisions with money in the future. And we offer small, affordable loans to cover unexpected needs right now.

Salad Money is here to help you solve the problem

Small, affordable loans for those unexpected bills

Interest rates are comparable to mainstream credit.

Open banking to assess the affordability of loans.
Not outdated and unfair credit scoring, which excludes millions from access to mainstream credit. Our approach means more applications are approved.

The process is quick and anonymous, so employees don’t feel embarrassed.

Salad Money’s

Executive Directors

Salad Money’s day to day leadership is provided by the Executive Directors.
Their focus is to deliver fair lending, for everyone.

Tim Rooney

Tim has operated within the Consumer data sector for many years combining technology with consumer data sets and latterly open banking data knowledge. In his last role at Big Issue Invest he was responsible for creating the Big View debt tool. He was previously a Commercial Director at Experian dealing with Consumer Credit data.

Emmett Smith

Emmett has extensive experience of designing the lending policies for small affordable loans using the latest technology to provide excellent customer experience. He has an enviable track record of helping people, typically excluded from mainstream credit, to cover unexpected costs with affordable forms of credit.

Eytan Goldfinger

Eytan is responsible for the technology aspects within Salad Money. He has successfully created and deployed the complex process and journey for our borrowers. He is driven by the social impact of our work. He holds an MBA from University of Cambridge and has built products for Google and Travelport.

Phillip Hyett

Phillip is Finance Director at Salad and has over fifteen years’ experience in dynamic FCA-regulated businesses. He was previously Head of Funds at Funding Circle, a global small business loan platform, and Finance Director at Pemberton Asset Management, a European private debt manager.

Salad Money’s

Non-Executive Board

Salad Money is overseen by a board of non-executive directors (NEDs).
The NEDs job is to ensure Salad Money stays true to its mission of making lending fair for everyone. The NEDs are not involved in day-to-day management, but they use their wide experience to guide Salad Money’s strategy and development.

Sir Tim Melville-Ross

Tim has many years’ experience running large organisations. His previous roles include CEO of Nationwide Building Society, director general of the Institute of Directors, and chairman of the Higher Education Funding Council for England. He was knighted in 2018.

John Montague

John has worked in the Social Enterprise and Housing Sector for the last 14 years. John established and grew TREES a £9 million multidisciplinary social enterprise based in the East midlands and in 2012 joined Big Issue Invest as Director of Early Stage Business. Prior to joining BII, John led the SPARK programme, the precursor programme to Corporate Social Venturing ‘CSV’.

Salad Moneys public responsibility oversight body (Prob)

Salad Money has ,since its foundation, deliberately placed its oversight into the hands of an independent body of experts.

The Public Responsibility Oversight Body (PROB) was set up to make sure that Salad Money does what it set out to do in a responsible way. The PROB had reported Salad Money's progress to make sure its loans are affordable; its business practices are fair; and that profit is invested in financial education and reducing the cost of loans. Salad Money is accountable to the PROB and the PROB was accountable to our customers’ employers.

Whilst keeping to our principal of independent oversight we believe the mandate of the PROB needs to change and be accountable not just to employers but to NHS applicants and borrowers that use Salad.

As a result, the membership of PROB is changing, and we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the contributions made by Peter Wyman CBE,DL, John Hannett OBE, Rosemary Radcliffe CBE and Niall Alexander, who have stepped down from the PROB.

Furthermore, Lord Iain McNicol has resigned his position as a Salad non-execuitive Board member to Chair and reconstitute the PROB, with a focus on reporting independently to employers,applicants and borrowers giving them representation.

The newly constituted PROB will be in place to respond to the findings from a report being produced by The University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh has been commissioned by Salad Projects to investigate the Salad Money data set on an anonymised basis, and to report on that data and reach conclusions in respect of the financial health and resilience of NHS workers in relation to the broader NHS population and is due to be published in November 2020

"PROB will help Salad Money play a growing role in ensuring that real help is given to NHS employees through access to fairer and affordable borrowing, and other steps towards achieving financial sustainability."

Alan Campbell - Founder of Salad Money

Public responsibility

Oversight body reports

Salad Finance Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.